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'Vermont Roots Roadshow' Tour Announcement!

5-Band “Vermont Roots Roadshow” Tour Announced for Summer 2021 - Showcasing Americana, Country, and Traditional Music from the Green Mountains.  

Vermont -  Today, the “Vermont Roots Roadshow” live music showcase announced three dates. The showcase features performances by Vermont acts…

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Playlists for VPR's All The Traditions

In response to the incredible amount of interest I had after hosting Vermont Public Radio's All The Traditions, I am sharing my playlists for all 5 programs. I hope you enjoy and look up the artists listed, and support them…

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Hosting Vermont Public Radio's 'All The Traditions'

This past winter, I hosted folk and world music show 'All The Traditions' on Vermont Public Radio, filling in for Robert Resnik while he finished up his planned leave of absence. I had the honor of following in the footsteps…

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